Quiz Game System

Classic Kamaji

Here you’ll find an instruction for building a “Classic” Kamaji system.

The Classic is a standalone system with an LCD and control buttons. Unlike the Headless, it does not require connecting to a PC/Tablet.

Key features:

  • Max. 5 player buttons
  • USB-A socket for connecting a signal lamp
  • Built-in buzzer

To use a Kamaji Classic you will additionally need:

Note that Kamaji Classic uses a USB-B socket (not to be confused with Mini-B and Micro-B) for power which are uncommon nowadays.

Known bugs:

  • Some powerbanks cannot reliably power Kamaji Classic. The system power consumption is so low that some powerbanks don’t recognize it as a connected device and shut off the power after a few minutes.
Last updated on 7 Apr 2023
Published on 7 Apr 2023
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