Quiz Game System

Bill of materials

Work in progress. Please check back later.

Here’s what you’ll need to assemble your own Kamaji Classic system.

Everything except the custom PCB can be bought from marketplaces (e.g. Aliexpress) or electronics components stores (e.g. Mouser, Digikey, Farnell).

Item How many
Custom PCB 1
ATmega328p microcontroller in DIP 28 package 1
1602 LCD 1
12mm piezo buzzer 1
RJ10 socket 5
BS-170 MOSFET transistor 1
2x5 right-angle IDC connector female 1
USB-A socket 1
USB-B socket 1
0.1uF through-hole ceramic capacitor 3
1K through-hole resistor 6
10K through-hole resistor 2
10K potentiometer 1
12mm pushbutton with cap 3


For information on how to get the printed circuit boards manufactured, see next step.


This is the microcontroller we’re using, ATmega328p. It’s a popular 8-bit AVR microcontroller which was used e.g. in Arduino Uno.

Make sure to order the ATMEGA328P-PU variant i.e. the one in 28-pin DIP package. The ATmega328p comes in a few different packages, and we need specifically the through-hole DIP 28 package, not a QFN or QFP package.

To be continued.

Last updated on 6 May 2023
Published on 7 Apr 2023
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