Quiz Game System

Order PCBs

You’ll need to order custom printed circuitboards (PCBs) from a manufacturer such as JLCPCB, PcbWay, OSH Park. Don’t worry, this is easy and cheap!

Feel free to pick any manufacturer that is cheap and convenient for you. So far we have had good experience with JLCPCB. You can also compare offers from different manufacturers on pcbshopper.com.

Start by downloading gerber files from github.

Upload the archive with gerber files to your PCB manufacturer of choice. Generally, the default options that most manufacturers offer should work fine. Use the standard 1.6mm FR4 PCB material.

Here’s what the order page might look like:

Order and wait!

Once the PCBs arrive, proceed to soldering.

Last updated on 14 Jan 2023
Published on 14 Jan 2023
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